Oral-B Pro 5000

Oral B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Review

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Making sure you have a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums are easy with Oral B 5000. It can get rid of up to 99.7% of plaques, even those in the hard to reach areas when used in deep action mode. Oral B Pro 5000 is handy in fighting off cavities and removing teeth stains with its FlossAction technology.

With continuous use, your teeth will be whiter, and your breath will smell fresher. Even though the SmartSeries 5000 has deep cleaning capabilities, it is still very gentle to the teeth and gums, making it very suitable for those who have sensitive teeth.

Using Oral B Professional 5000

People who have been using OralB 5000 can attest to the difference it brought to their teeth and gums, even just a few days of using it. Besides its advanced features for superior mouth cleaning, the Pro 5000 also comes with visuals that will show you your brushing time. The pressure you are applying and mode you are currently using will also appear on a separate screen that comes along with the brush.

No need to fret if you are a beginner in using a rechargeable toothbrush as it comes with an easy to understand manual to guide you in your first use. It also comes in DVD, showing you in detail how the toothbrush works.

The device is compact enough for travel. It is not bulky, and its charger is small enough to carry around just about anywhere.

Oral B Professional 5000 is being retailed for less than $100, or you may find cheaper ones on Walmart or Amazon. Though it may cost a little more than the other similar products, it is rechargeable and will you some dollars on buying batteries every time.


Bluetooth Connectivity

The Oral-B Professional 5000 is a smart toothbrush of the future in the most real sense. The unique feature of this oral care tool is its Bluetooth connectivity. It helps communication between your smartphone and the toothbrush in real-time.

This enables you to get feedback on your day to day habits of brushing. Those suffering from various dental problems, or who would like better oral hygiene can get surprising results from this brush.

Pressure Sensor

Depending on what kind of cleaning is needed, you usually choose hard, medium or soft brush heads. The OralB Pro-5000 eliminates the need for that with its pressure sensor. It lights up whenever one is brushing too hard; the notification appears on both the toothbrush and your smartphone.

Applying too much pressure can be harmful to sensitive teeth and overall gum health. Hence this feature can help avoid over brushing.

Different Modes

The power toothbrush ingeniously combines 5 different modes for your dental hygiene needs: whitening, sensitive, daily clean, deep clean and gum care. That number of modes is even larger than cheaper Oral B Pro 4000 brush has.

The gum care mode provides gentle stimulation to your gum for better gum health. The sensitive mode has lower speed, giving relief to sensitive teeth while still cleaning effectively.

The whitening mode brushes with alternating speeds so that stains can be polished away. In the deep clean setting, the brushing time is extended so that the cleaning is more effective.

Smartphone Synchronization

Up to six months of usage data are stored for your convenience, which is synchronized with the OralB app on your smartphone. You can get yourself a tailor-made customized brushing routine and share your data with your dentist for a better diagnosis.

It helps you to achieve different goals such as fresher breath or whiter teeth based on the needs you specify on the app. It gives you specific brushing instructions accordingly.

Round Brush Head and Micropulse Bristles

Compared to a manual toothbrush, the Pro 5000 has a round brushing head with Floss Action functionality. It also comes with micropulse bristles which offer better cleaning than conventional bristles. The results are superior. The toothbrush can reach all the nooks and crannies effectively.

Plaque Removing Action

For those suffering from plaque, the Pro-5000 is a real treat. The brush head offers three-dimensional action by pulsating, rotating and oscillating to break any plaque on your teeth. It effectively removes additional plaque on your gums compared to manual toothbrushes.

Customer Reviews

First timers have had a great experience with this model in general, and it does not feel gimmicky at all. Though customers found it a bit annoying to get warned about putting too much pressure, many have been benefitted from it. It cured them of their habit of brushing too hard.

They also really like the battery life of the device, one full charge lasts a good ten days, after using it twice a day. According to many, this is an excellent toothbrush overall and a good jump from analog to digital.

Customers happily report that ordinary battery powered toothbrushes have nothing on this model! It doesn’t weigh too much and fits comfortably in hand without the tacky feel. Many customers like the vibration technology best that works well with the different brush heads it comes with.

The sensitive mode was a blessing for those with dental problems and sensitivity issues. At first, customers needed a little time to get used to the sensation it created.

The Bluetooth feature, according to them, the best thing ever, especially if you have sensitive teeth. The cleaning goals give you a daily challenge to look forward to like tartar control, whiter teeth, fresher breath, etc. It’s a great device if you are tech savvy and need a little extra dental care.

A customer does admit that initially, the Bluetooth feature did not make much sense to them as they had to carry their phone to the bathroom. Once they got used to it, the genius in these features was more apparent.

This Oral B electric toothbrush was a lifesaver for those with plaque problems. The plaque mode went into the nooks and crannies of the mouth and removed plaque quite nicely. Overall, customers are delighted and are already seeing results.

Pros and Cons


The Pro-5000 has impressive battery life. It lasts up to ten days with a single full charge with regular use, twice daily and the duration is around two minutes. The app provides excellent motivation for regular brushing as well as tailor-made cleaning routines for those with oral health problems.

There is an easily viewable racing strip that alerts you when you are applying excessive pressure while brushing. This is an excellent feature for sensitive teeth.

The device has five different cleaning modes suited to your oral care needs, varying degrees of pressure, care for the gums and effective plaque removal. Moreover, it comes with six brush heads and a charging station which comes in handy and gives you the freedom to choose which brush head to use.

The interactive app records your brushing habits and customizes your routine according to your needs. It can effectively store records of up to six months, which can be shared with your dentist or oral hygienist conveniently across devices.

The round brush head provides effective cleaning compared to manual toothbrushes. For journeys and ease of carrying, it comes with a handy carrying case. The battery indicator shows battery life clearly.


The tooth brush has trouble picking up the Bluetooth signals unless your smartphone is well charged. The brush stand takes up a lot of space as it can house four toothbrush heads at the same time. Customers would prefer a smaller brush holder with space for a maximum of two brushes.

The brush head holder has to be frequently cleaned, the water drips from the brush head and accumulates inside. Moreover, there is no way to identify which mode is on unless it is paired with the mobile app.

Another problem found with the model is that you can’t change the brushing modes without changing the entire ‘journey’ or brushing regime. Once a journey is selected, you have to stick to a particular type of mode out of the five.

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Oral B Pro 5000 vs 5500 vs 7000

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