Why Your Oral B 5000 Is Not Charging

Oral B 5000 is a rechargeable and electric toothbrush, so it has to be charged regularly to work. However, some may have experienced that their Oral B 5000 is not charging the way it should be, or even, not charging at all. This usually happens to people who had used their toothbrush for quite a time.

There are 2 common problems that can prevent the battery from charging – faulty battery and battery memory effect.

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Faulty battery

The common cause of such incident is when Oral B 5000’s battery has already died. Though deemed to be “rechargeable”, the battery also has a maximum life of service.

Once the battery has attained its wear and tear, naturally, it won’t respond to any charging. People who have been using their Oral B 5000 for a long time are prone to this. But hold up and don’t throw your toothbrushes just yet, dying battery does not mean that the Oral B 5000 itself won’t function anymore.

You can bring it to service centers and have the battery changed. This may costs a little, especially for those who are carrying warranties that are already outdated, but at least you don’t have to get a new one. Or you can try to replace the battery yourself.

Battery memory effect

Another factor that may contribute to your Oral B 5000 not charging is what they call the “memory effect”. Though the existence of this in the toothbrush has not yet been proven or acknowledged by the manufacturer, many people believed it to be true and happening.

The “memory effect” supposedly happens when you charge the battery even though it was just partially discharged. The battery then only “remembers” the small amount of charge you put into it. This means the battery now holds a lesser charge, causing it not to charge anymore if repeatedly done.

The “memory effect” can still be corrected especially if it’s still on its early stage, you just have to let your toothbrush’s battery be fully drained, then that’s the time you charge it. One tip, to ensure that the battery is fully out of power, use your toothbrush (even if it is already low in battery) until it automatically stops.

All in all, when your Oral B is not charging right, you may want to dig deeper on what may have caused it to come with better and suited solutions. There are always the service centers where you can bring your Oral B 5000 for check up and repairs, or you may opt to solve the problem first on your own. Whatever you deemed fit, just remember to properly use and care for your Oral B 5000 for longer use.