Oral B 5000 Review

Oral B 5000Making sure you have a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums is easy with Oral B 5000. It can get rid of up to 99.7% of plaques, even those in the hard to reach areas, when used in deep action mode. Oral B 5000 is very effective in fighting off cavities and removing teeth stains with its FlossAction technology.

With continuous use, your teeth will be whiter and your breath will definitely smell fresher. Despite the fact that Oral B 5000 has deep cleaning capabilities, it is still very gentle to the teeth and gums, making it very suitable to those who have sensitive teeth.

Using Oral B 5000

People who have been using Oral B 5000 can attest to the difference it brought to their teeth and gums, even just a few days of using it. Besides its advanced features for superior mouth cleaning, Oral B 5000 also comes with visuals that will show you your brushing time. The pressure you are applying and mode you are currently using will also appear on a separate screen that comes along with Oral B 5000.

No need to fret if you are a beginner in using a rechargeable toothbrush as it comes with an easy to understand manual to guide you in your first use. It also comes in DVD, showing you in detail how Oral B 5000 works.

Oral B 5000 is compact enough for travel. It is not bulky, and its charger is small enough to carry around just about anywhere.

Oral B 5000 is being retailed at $159.99, or you may find cheaper ones on Walmart or Amazon. Though Oral B 5000 may cost a little more than the other same products, it is rechargeable and will you some dollars on buying batteries every time.