Comparison Of Oral B 4000 vs 5000 Toothbrushes

Oral B 4000

With the big come back of rechargeable and electric toothbrushes in the market, OralB had also come out with their own line.

Toothbrushes from this manufacturer boast the most advanced technology for ultimate mouth cleaning, however, all of which, still, has its own different advantages to cater to the different dental needs.

You will have a hard time choosing your model from the product range as all of them have superb features.

So let’s take a look at some of the more expensive models, the OralB 4000 vs OralB 5000.

Basically, both of these models have a lot of features in common.

They can both remove stains your teeth and get rid of plaque build-up in your gum line and in those hard to reach places.

These brushes also can whiten your teeth in just three weeks.

In addition, both of these models have built-in timers for the recommended two minutes brushing and pressure sensors that will tell you if you are brushing too hard. Moreover, they also boast an in-handle smart display, which is interactive and provides feedback and tips for better brushing.

Oral B 5000The main difference of that sets 4000 and 5000 models apart is the extra features that can be found in the more expensive 5000 brush model.

Oral-B 4000 has four modes, which includes sensitive mode, daily cleaning mode, whitening mode and deep clean mode.

All of these modes are incorporated also in the 5000th model, as well as additional Massage mode.

The Oral-B 5000 also comes with the Wireless Smart Guide, which helps you to make the most out of you brushing performance.

All in all, you must, firstly, be aware of your dental needs to be able to pick up the best toothbrush. You must know what you need and the things you cannot go without.

If you just need the basic features of a rechargeable toothbrush, then you may opt to get the OralB 4000 as it provides almost all benefits of 5000th toothbrush.

However, if those extra features built in OralB’s 5000 model (namely Massage mode and Smart Guide) are important to you and you have an extra cash to shell out (it no surprise that 5000th model costs a bit more), then get that particular model.

Whatever you choose over these two models, be assured that your mouth is in good hands.