Manual vs Electric Toothbrush

Manual vs electric toothbrushToday, shopping for a simple thing like a toothbrush can be quite confusing, seeing from the wide array of manual and electric toothbrushes available now in the market and every brand promising you that it has the best performance. It is easy to get lost, yes, but having a decision on whether to get a manual or electronic toothbrush can get you in track.

Choosing between a manual and an electric toothbrush really depends on your preference in comfort and convenience. When getting a toothbrush, just always remember that the best toothbrush is the one you can use over and over again, without all the hassle and bustle. Though manual and electric toothbrushes have its advantages and disadvantages, you just have to weigh things over and pick out the one best suited for you.

To guide you on picking up the best toothbrush, you should firstly, and most importantly, know what you want in a toothbrush. You should know the features that are important to you and those you can do without. So here is a list of the pros and cons of using a manual toothbrush versus and electronic one.


Manual ToothbrushAdvantages:

  • Good for traveling as it can easily be packed and slipped in your bag, without any added weight
  • Cheap price – Usually manual toothbrushes cost $1 to $7, depending on the design you choose and the manufacturer
  • Most manual toothbrushes have easy grip handle
  • Easy to use – Children can easily learn how to use these kinds of toothbrushes in no time
  • No need for charging
  • You can freely adjust the pressure you are putting into the tooth brush to suit your need


  • For those with health problems, like people with arthritis, manual toothbrush can be fairly hard to hold
  • Though it can clean as effective as the electric toothbrush, you must put a lot more effort in it to achieve the same result
  • Cleaning the back of your teeth can be difficult
  • You have to manually time yourself if you already reached the two minutes time suggested for bushing manual toothbrushes don’t have built in timers
  • You can’t really be sure if the pressure you are applying to your teeth and gums is actually healthy or not



  • You can be sure of the pressure being applied to your teeth and gums as most electric toothbrushes, if not all, have pressure sensors
  • You don’t have to time yourself manually since most electric toothbrush models have built in times that can automatically stop your toothbrush once you’ve spent two minutes
  • You can choose from different brush heads, depending on your preference and need since you can easily change it
  • Clinically proven to clean your mouth better as it can access and clean those hard to reach areas, reducing the risk of suffering tooth decay or gingivitis
  • Usually, electric toothbrushes come in large ergonomic handles making it very easy for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and others
  • With continuous use, users can enjoy whiter and fresher breath because of the deep cleaning action
  • For more advanced model, the electric toothbrush can actually dispense toothpaste


  • Pricey – Depending on the features, design, and manufacturer, electric toothbrush costs from $10 up to $200+ (e.g. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean)
  • Electric toothbrushes need to be charged or its battery to be replaced
  • It is somehow bulky when you pack it for travel

With this list, you may now be guided on whether the manual toothbrush or the electric one is best for you. But always put in mind that whatever type of toothbrush you are using, it can’t maintain your oral hygiene alone or solve any of your oral problems, you still need to visit your dentist regularly and maintain a good diet. Also remember be change you toothbrush after three months time (or so) before the bristles start to wear out to ensure effective mouth cleaning.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Review

Philips Sonicare DiamondCleanPhilips Sonicare Diamond Clean is a newly released electric toothbrush by Philips Sonicare. It boasts one of the most advance technologies in teeth and gum cleaning, making it very effective in getting rid of those hard to reach plaques.  Users of Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean will definitely enjoy a healthier mouth in just a matter of weeks, as it has been clinically proven to improve your gums condition and whiten teeth in less than a month.

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean guarantees fast results since it has a sonic technology (present in every Philips Sonicare product) that provides a powerful teeth cleaning action. Gently mixing the toothpaste to saliva, it creates an oxygen-rich foamy liquid and steers it to places where bacteria typically builds up, such as in between and behind the teeth and the gum line.

To ensure the best dental care, Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean offers five different modes to cater to every user’s needs,

  • Clean Mode – This is the standard mode for all Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean for overall mouth cleaning
  • White Mode – This is used for removing teeth stains, making teeth whiter
  • Polish Mode – This mode is for brightening teeth to achieve the teeth’s natural vibrancy
  • Gum Care Mode – Use this mode to softly stimulates and rubs the gum line. This is perfect for those who have sensitive gums or gum problems
  • Senstive Mode –  Turn on this mode for extra-gentle brushing, ideal for those whose teeth are on the sensitive side

Philips Sonicare DiamondCleanThe brush head design of Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean also helps in efficiently and effectively cleaning your teeth and gums. The diamond-cut design brush head has 44 more bristles, making it very effective in removing plaques. You can choose from the two brush head sizes, the Standard or Compact.

The Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean holds up to three weeks of charge, if that does not satisfy you, it also comes in USB travel case so you may easily recharge it anywhere, any time. This is pretty perfect for those who are always travelling. Also, the chrome base of Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean can be used for mouth rinsing or charge your toothbrush as it rest in the glass since it has the latest conduction technology.

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean is simple, yet very sleek. The handle has a ceramic finish, and the neck is well designed with its accent ring. The electronic buttons are well hidden in the handle. So if you are looking for effective, well-built, and advanced toothbrush, you may definitely want to check out Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean.

Why Your Braun Oral B Electric Toothbrush Is Not Charging

Oral B makes rechargeable electric toothbrushes, so they have to be regularly charged to work.

However, some may have experienced that their Oral B or Triumph toothbrush is not charging the way it should be, or even not charging at all. If usually happens when the toothbrush has been used for quite a long time.

3 common problems can prevent your toothbrush battery from charging:

  • faulty battery,
  • faulty charger
  • battery memory effect.

First, make sure the power outlet you are trying to use is working. Plug in your hair dryer or any other appliance and see if the outlet works.

If the power is on, there must be something wrong with your toothbrush.


1. Faulty Battery

The common cause of such incident is when Oral B 5000’s battery has already died. Every battery also has a maximum life of service.

Once the battery has attained its wear and tear, naturally, it won’t respond to any charging or will not hold the charge.

People who have been using their Oral B toothbrush for a long time are prone to this. But hold up and don’t throw your toothbrushes just yet, a dying battery does not mean that the brush itself won’t function anymore.

SOLUTION #1 – you can bring it to the service center and have the battery changed. This may costs a little, especially for those who are carrying warranties that are already outdated, but at least you don’t have to get a new one. Check out OralB/Braun Service Center website.

SOLUTION #2 – you can try to replace the battery yourself.

2. Faulty Oral B Charger Not Working

Some time ago Braun OralB bundled their toothbrushes with faulty chargers that stopped working few weeks after the purchase.  The bad chargers were replaced by seller or manufacturer, or the purchase price was refunded.

If there is power in the outlet, but the green charging light is not blinking even when the brush sits on the charger for 20-25 minutes, the charger may be broken.

The easiest way to check the charger would be trying to charge your brush using another charger if you have access to it.

SOLUTION #1 – if you have used your toothbrush for more than 2 years, it is out of warranty. You can buy a replacement charger on Amazon UK or Amazon US.

SOLUTION #2 – if your item is still covered by warranty, get in touch with the seller or visit OralB/Braun Service Center website.

3. Battery Memory Effect

Another factor that may contribute to your Oral B toothbrush not charging is what they call the “memory effect.” Though the existence of this in the toothbrush has not yet been proven or acknowledged by the manufacturer, many people believed it to be real and happening.

The “memory effect” supposedly happens when you charge the battery even though it was just partially discharged. The battery then only “remembers” the small amount of charge you put into it. This means the battery now holds a lesser charge, causing it not to charge any more if repeatedly done.

The “memory effect” can still be corrected if it’s still on its early stage, you just have to let your toothbrush’s battery be fully drained, then that’s the time you charge it. One tip, to ensure that the battery is entirely out of power, use your toothbrush (even if it is already low on power) until it automatically stops.

SOLUTION – use the toothbrush until it is out of power. Then fully recharge for 14 to 22 hours depending on the model.

All in all, when your Oral B is not charging right, you may want to dig deeper into what may have caused it to come with better and suited solutions. There are always the service centers where you can bring your Oral B/Triumph for check up and repairs, or you may opt to solve the problem first on your own. Whatever you deemed fit, just remember to properly use and care for your Oral B toothbrush for more prolonged use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Charging Oral B Toothbrush

How do I know if my Oral B electric toothbrush is being charged?

Look for the blinking green charging light every OralB toothbrush except Vitality and Pro 500 has.

If be battery is totally drained, it will have to charge for 15-20 minutes before it even starts blinking.

How long should you leave Oral B toothbrush on charge for?

It depends on your toothbrush model and version.

  • Vitality and 500 –  16 hours
  • 1000, old 2000, old 3000, old 4000, old 5000, old 6000, 7000 – 22 hours
  • new 2000, new 3000, new 4000, new 5000, new 6000, 8000, 9000 – 15 hours

How do I know when my Oral B electric toothbrush is charged?

When the green charging light stops blinking, the battery is fully charged.

Oral B 4000 Review

Oral B 4000Oral B 4000 delivers what it promise, cleaner teeth and gums. Enjoy a healthier mouth with Oral B 4000’s bristles and pressure indicator, which will thoroughly clean your teeth and gums. It scrubbing motions works well as it can cover all the bases and surfaces of your teeth. What more is that, Oral B 4000 can actually improve one’s brushing habits.

Be Assured Of Cleaner Teeth With Oral B 4000

Packed with features like FlossAction and ProWhite brush heads, you are guaranteed to have a long lasting fresher breath and cleaner teeth when you use Oral B 4000. It also has four different modes that will fit every one’s dental needs.

To ensure the overall superior mouth cleaning, Oral B 4000 has two brush heads, one for cleaning and the other one is for polishing. In addition, there is a battery indicator so that you’ll know if your Oral B 4000 needs to recharge.

Super Easy To Use

Oral B 4000 reviewOral B 4000 made sure that everyone can enjoy its features as it is very easy to use. You can check on how your brushing techniques are rated as it comes in with a smart in-handle display with interactive feedback. You can also check on its battery life since Oral B 4000 has charge level display. Added to those, it also has waterproof and ergonomic rechargeable handle, giving you a safe and tight grip on the toothbrush.

Oral B 4000 is also very travel-friendly. People who are always on their feet would not have any problem packing in Oral B 4000 as it is very compact and light. It has a travel case and portable smart plug charger.

What’s in the Box?

When you purchase Oral B 4000, base station toothbrush holder with charger, Travel toothbrush case, and Oral-B FlossAction Electric Toothbrush Head are all included.

However, if you like to replace the included brush head, you can buy Oral-B Precision Clean  Electric Toothbrush Head separately.

Where to purchase this product with discount?

You can get Oral B 4000 in cheaper price in many different retailers, like Walmart or Costco. You can also browse through Amazon and check out if your purchase qualifies for free shipping.

Comparison Of Oral B 4000 vs 5000 Toothbrushes

Oral B 4000

With the big come back of rechargeable and electric toothbrushes in the market, OralB had also come out with their own line.

Toothbrushes from this manufacturer boast the most advanced technology for ultimate mouth cleaning, however, all of which, still, has its own different advantages to cater to the different dental needs.

You will have a hard time choosing your model from the product range as all of them have superb features.

So let’s take a look at some of the more expensive models, the OralB 4000 vs OralB 5000.

Basically, both of these models have a lot of features in common.

They can both remove stains your teeth and get rid of plaque build-up in your gum line and in those hard to reach places.

These brushes also can whiten your teeth in just three weeks.

In addition, both of these models have built-in timers for the recommended two minutes brushing and pressure sensors that will tell you if you are brushing too hard. Moreover, they also boast an in-handle smart display, which is interactive and provides feedback and tips for better brushing.

Oral B 5000The main difference of that sets 4000 and 5000 models apart is the extra features that can be found in the more expensive 5000 brush model.

Oral-B 4000 has four modes, which includes sensitive mode, daily cleaning mode, whitening mode and deep clean mode.

All of these modes are incorporated also in the 5000th model, as well as additional Massage mode.

The Oral-B 5000 also comes with the Wireless Smart Guide, which helps you to make the most out of you brushing performance.

All in all, you must, firstly, be aware of your dental needs to be able to pick up the best toothbrush. You must know what you need and the things you cannot go without.

If you just need the basic features of a rechargeable toothbrush, then you may opt to get the OralB 4000 as it provides almost all benefits of 5000th toothbrush.

However, if those extra features built in OralB’s 5000 model (namely Massage mode and Smart Guide) are important to you and you have an extra cash to shell out (it no surprise that 5000th model costs a bit more), then get that particular model.

Whatever you choose over these two models, be assured that your mouth is in good hands.

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus HX6972 Review

Sonicare FlexCare Plus HX6972I am very particular about my oral hygiene, that’s why I’ve always been interested in tooth brushes, particularly on those electronic and rechargeable ones.

I am always on the lookout for good and new electronic tooth brushes which can make my mouth healthier. However, with the wide range of rechargeable tooth brushes available in the market, oftentimes choosing the best tooth brush is confusing.

This is why I decided to write reviews of the electronic tooth brushes that I’ve already tried and used.

In my reviews, I try to give a comprehensive pros and cons report on certain brands and if it’s actually worth your money.

One of the best models I have tried out is Sonicare FlexCare Plus HX6972 rechargeable electric toothbrush from Philips. So, read on to know my verdict on this model and if it’s worth your dollars.

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus Offers You Advanced Cleaning Performance

Sonicare FlexCare Plus HX6972With all the various electronic and rechargeable toothbrushes promising you an above average mouth cleaning experience, I can say that I’ve been disappointed a few times.

But with the Sonicare FlexCare Plus toothbrush, I can truly attest that it delivers what it promises, with great results.

With its Patented Sonic Technology, using this toothbrush can thoroughly clean your teeth and gums, giving you a healthier mouth as if you had just gone to the dentist. The Sonic Technology is designed to get rid of those hard to reach plaques, which are otherwise cannot be reached by manual tooth brushes.

In addition, regularly using this toothbrush you will actually whiten your teeth because of its dynamic cleaning action that can remove teeth stains that are commonly caused by drinking coffee, tea, sodas, and others.

In line in giving you the best dental care, this toothbrush from Philips features five cleaning modes that will cater to every user’s needs.

It has Clean Mode for your regular mouth cleaning routine.

You can turn on the Gum Care Mode to achieve overall mouth cleaning matched with gentle maintenance to problem areas.

Refresh mode is commonly used quick touch up cleaning.

For those with sensitive teeth and gums, the Sensitive Mode is for you.

And you can use the Massage Mode for gums stimulation.

The Philips SonicCare FlexCare Plus toothbrush also has brushing time tracker to help you know if you already achieved the time required for brushing. The tracker called the Smart Timer gives you two minutes to clean your teeth and gums, and automatically stops once it strikes two minutes.

The QuadPacer, meanwhile, is a timer that splits your brushing tips in four  30 second chunks. Each chunk of time is for brushing one quadrant of your mouth, and you have covered all four.

This tooth brush is compatible with two types of brush heads, the Standard and the ProResults Compact. The Standard brush head is used for regular brushing for the all around cleaning. On the other hand, the ProResults Compact brush head is used particularly for intense gum and teeth cleaning.

Another item included in this product is a set of three colored rings for marking the brush heads if the toothbrush is shared with other members of your family.

Improving Your Gums Condition

Sonicare FlexCare Plus HX6972Many gum related problems are attributed to bad a brushing habit, that’s why many people opt to get electronic tooth brushes.

The Sonicare Flex Care Plus tooth brush is clinically proven to improve your gums condition in just a couples of weeks. The Gum Mode takes into account the cleaning of your gum line, where plaques usually accumulate.

Another thing that also helps to heal the gums is the Contoured brush head which is designed to effectively remove the plaque in gum area.

Self-Cleaning Functionality

One impressive feature of this Philips toothbrush is ability to clean itself from bacteria and viruses.

It comes with an UV Sanitizer which sanitizes the brush head, eliminating up to 99% of bacteria and viruses using an advanced technology. In a simple click of a button, the UV Sanitizer will run though a 10 minute cleaning cycle to dry the brush head down to the bristles, leaving no bacteria alive.

Design of This Product

Sonicare FlexCare Plus HX6972 reviewPhilips engineers have designed this toothbrush with maximum possible convenience and simplicity in mind.

It has an ergonomic handle so that users can easily use the toothbrush, without any effort.

The brush heads can be easily removed and attached.  It also has a built-in LCD display that shows the name of the mode you are currently using, and a battery indicator so you’ll know if it has enough battery. The battery of this brush usually lasts up to three weeks.

What’s In The Box?

When you purchase this product , you will get the following items:

  • 1 toothbrush handle (model HX6950)
  • 2 ProResults Brush Heads
  • 3 Brush Head Color Rings
  • 1 UV Brush Head Sanitizer
  • 1 Multi-Voltage Charger with UV Brush Head Sanitizer and 1 Multi-Voltage Travel Charger
  • 2 Hygienic Travel Caps
  • 1 Hard Travel Case


Oral B 5000 Review

Oral B 5000Making sure you have a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums is easy with Oral B 5000. It can get rid of up to 99.7% of plaques, even those in the hard to reach areas, when used in deep action mode. Oral B 5000 is very effective in fighting off cavities and removing teeth stains with its FlossAction technology.

With continuous use, your teeth will be whiter and your breath will definitely smell fresher. Despite the fact that Oral B 5000 has deep cleaning capabilities, it is still very gentle to the teeth and gums, making it very suitable to those who have sensitive teeth.

Using Oral B 5000

People who have been using Oral B 5000 can attest to the difference it brought to their teeth and gums, even just a few days of using it. Besides its advanced features for superior mouth cleaning, Oral B 5000 also comes with visuals that will show you your brushing time. The pressure you are applying and mode you are currently using will also appear on a separate screen that comes along with Oral B 5000.

No need to fret if you are a beginner in using a rechargeable toothbrush as it comes with an easy to understand manual to guide you in your first use. It also comes in DVD, showing you in detail how Oral B 5000 works.

Oral B 5000 is compact enough for travel. It is not bulky, and its charger is small enough to carry around just about anywhere.

Oral B 5000 is being retailed for less than $100, or you may find cheaper ones on Walmart or Amazon. Though Oral B 5000 may cost a little more than the other same products, it is rechargeable and will you some dollars on buying batteries every time.